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Detailed information ofAll contents are presented with direct links to our map database, showing you the specific location, route, or whatever!
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  • 01.03.12 - Fixed broken map images.
  • 21.08.09 - Fixed broken images of shop categories and licence grid link in non english interfaces.
  • 24.07.09 - Fixed incorrect placement of Overlays in WebKit based Browsers.
  • 14.07.09 - New automatic language selection based on your browser settings.
  • 18.12.08 - Added auto retry on connection errors.

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blue arrow Switch to the shown map
green arrows Switch to another part of the map
blue crystal A Save Crystal (Save in Game)
orange crystal A Gate Crystal, where you can save and teleport
blue arrow Enter Aerodrome
sword A Weapon Shop
armor An Armor Shop
technic A Technics Shop
Wizard Staff A Magic Shop
yellow square A Gambit Shop
food A Taverne (The Hunt-Blackboards can be found here)
a man A house which can be entered
Teleport to
Own marker position